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Commercial and Residential Project Execution

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Besides aforementioned distinctive industrial automation projects that involves HT/LT planning,

electrical power supply and various utility application with vide spectrum of voltage ranging from several

thousands to working level for both 3-Ø , 1-Ø voltage at equipment terminal, vide spectrum of DC voltages

level application e.g high voltages in motor applications to low voltage application like instrumentation

process that have cause for optimization of use of energy being consumed to get the desired output in

industry, we are also versatile in the field of residential and commercial electrification that involves simple

concept of wiring and electrification of the projects. C & R projects that are being executed by us include

projects like group housing, malls and hotel industry.


Aspects of the C&R projects

  1.         Distribution system of the building
  2.         Electrical Installation of the various services like HVAC, Lift, and sanitation pumps.
  3.         LV works which includes safety features like camera, Access system/swipe cards and fire alarm system.
  4.         Meter Boards
  5.         Conduiting layout for the projects
  6.         Complete lighting plan & layout of the project along with dedicated lighting arrangement, PA system arrangement for the common area and                    specific  applications like gymnasium, Games Zone, Meditation, Restaurants.

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